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Lead by Dr. Steven Enticott since 1999 and proudly supported by Aaron Hurle and Peter Burrell, along with CIA’s team of highly professional staff, the CIA Tax team has the kind of broad experience required in today’s complex tax and investment environment.

Thanks to our modern digital age, the CIA office, while located in South East Melbourne, fully embraces and services clients both domestically and internationally with a comprehensive listing of tax, wealth, and business services and advice.


Tax-effective solutions

We love talking tax, and we especially love tax-planning solutions. And that’s because there’s simply nothing better than ringing yet another client with yet another fantastic tax result.

In fact, saving clients from paying too much tax is something we love so much, we even wrote a book about it.


Tax returns, GST returns, FBT returns

Over the years, CIA’s clients have come to know all about the value of engaging a professional team for their personal, company, goods and services, and fringe benefits tax work. How do we know? Because an experienced and professional team like CIA’s always has and always will be able to find more deductions and offsets than you can, and more than covers its costs in the process.

Putting it simply, you shouldn’t waste your time trying to match what we do best, when your time is far better spent doing what you do best. Tax is our job and we take tremendous pride in our work. And our costs are even tax deductible!


Read Dr Steven Enticott’s acclaimed book Financial Distraction to see the breadth of our tax, wealth, and business knowledge

Financial Distraction was written in layman’s terms to remove some of the mysteries of tax-effective investment. As you’ll quickly learn, it isn’t rocket science!

The examples and case studies throughout the book are simple enough to follow, but two situations are rarely ever the same. So, before embarking on any strategy, please sit down with an advisor, even if it’s just to check your own calculations, because two heads are always better than one.